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Discover an intimate look at the life and times of the Netherland's most famous painter at "The Private World of Rembrandt" exhibition at the Amsterdam City Archives.

Born in Leiden in 1606 and settling in Amsterdam in 1631 until his death in 1669, Rembrandt van Rijn is one of the greatest painters in history and certainly one of the Netherland's best-known artists. Commemorating the 350th anniversary of his death, Amsterdam City Archives is hosting an eye-opening exhibition, "The Private World of Rembrandt" featuring personal documents, drawings, etchings, letters and more.

From his work and his clients to his wives, lovers, children and financial difficulties, the exhibition includes both familiar and never-before-seen artefacts from the Amsterdam City Archives on loan from institutions including the Rijksmuseum and Rembrandt House Museum. Discover the life and work of Rembrandt in an entirely new way with the aid of Augmented Reality (AR) - enriched with sounds and images, Rembrandt's drawings and personal history will come to life, giving an intimate look at the painter's life.

Special Exhibitions/ Highlights

Modern Perspectives - Photo and Film 1920-1940 
Operating until March 16th 2020:
For the visual culture, the interbellum was one of the most creative periods in history, when the camera became an extension of the human eye. Film was the new medium, and film technology and more compact photo cameras inspired artists and photographers to new perspectives on familiar subjects. Many immigrants settled in Amsterdam, who left their mark on the new direction of photography and film. The Modern Perspectives exhibition offers a show of unique photographic and cinematic creativity during the interbellum period. In collaboration with Eye Filmmuseum, a selection of film fragments from this special period in the history of visual culture will be shown.

Aalmoezeniers Orphanage
March 27th up to July 26th 2020:
The Aalmoezeniers orphanage was the place where the poorest foundlings and orphans were taken care of. More than 800 children were cared for in the building on the Prinsengracht in 1666, a number that grew to 2,554. In the ‘confiscated children's book’ of the orphanage that is kept by the Amsterdam City Archives, the children included in the house were registered. The archive of this orphanage is one of the most special and moving archives. The intake books of foundlings and orphans give an impressive and personal image of this group of children. This exhibition includes highlights the life in the orphanage, the use of foundlings and orphans in the army and as cheap labour force outside the city, parenting in times of poverty, and immigration and the role of the minuses.

Watercolour and pastel 
Octobre 9th 2020 until January 17th 2021
In this very colourful exhibition, we bring many well-known and less well-known artists into the limelight, such as Willem Witsen, George Hendrik Breitner, Isaac Israëls, Piet Mondriaan and Leo Gestel. Lesser-known artists include J.C Greive. Maurits van der Valk, Felicien Bobeldijk and Nicolaas van der Waay. Most drawings come from the collection of the City Archives, a huge wealth of prints and drawings. Supplemented with material from collections from the Rijksprentenkabinet (Rijksmuseum), the Stedelijk Museum, the Frans Hals Museum and the Centraal Museum, the exhibition offers a unique collection of images from artists from around 1900.

How to get there

  • Tram 24 Muntplein
  • Metro 52 Vijzelgracht or Rokin

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25 December, 1 January, 27 April
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