You'll find Museum Het Schip in the enchanting social housing complex designed by architect Michel de Klerk. The world-renowned expressionist building, popularly known as 'The Ship' because of its distinctive shape, has become an icon of the Amsterdam School architecture movement.

Museum Het Schip offers a permanent exhibition on the first floor and temporary exhibitions on the second floor. Take this in before admiring the beautiful designs of ‘Gesamtkunst’ (total art) produced by the Amsterdam School both on the inside and outside. Museum Het Schip also offers an hourly guided tour (included with The Amsterdam Pass) that takes you around and inside the building: the tour starts with a reconstructed slum dwelling to tell you more about life in the slums of the city before the Housing Act was passed in 1901. You will also visit the former post office and a museum apartment inside the housing complex. 

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Exhibition 2020

In the spring of 2020, an exhibition on the work of German architect, artist and urban designer Bruno Taut will open at Museum Het Schip. Taut (1880 - 1938) is considered to be one of the main figures for expressionism. He is known for his utopian fantasies and his enthusiastic use of colour. Taut was in close contact with Dutch architects and his work was published in Wendingen magazine many times. He traveled to Japan, Russia and Turkey, where he shared his ideas about building and living. The admiration for Taut is still present and even crosses the German borders. Four of his neighborhoods in Berlin reached the status of world heritage. In the honour of Taut, the Regenboogbuurt was built in Almere (1998). The bright colours find their roots in Tauts working-class neighbourhoods in Berlin and Maagdenburg. Therefore the exhibition will focus on the Regenboogbuurt in particular. Besides the exhibition, many activities will be organized. A bus tour to the Regenboogbuurt, lectures by different architects and several workshops for kids and adults are included in the program. The exhibition is planned for the early spring of 2020.

How to get there:

  • By Bus: bus 22 to Spaarndammerstraat

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Every Monday, April 27th, December 25th and January 1st

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Oostzaanstraat 45 1013 WG, Amsterdam


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