Discover the history of Amsterdam’s Nazi occupation during World War II with this 2.5-hour walking tour. Explore the Jewish quarter of the city, and visit many of the memorials dedicated to those lost during the period.

The Amsterdam we all know and love today, is, without doubt, one of the freest and most liberal cities on the planet. However, during World War II's Nazi occupation of the city, this was far from the case. On this walking tour, you’ll be taken around some of the major sites of the occupation. An expert guide will share details of life under the Nazi regime, and your tour will take you through the Jewish Quarter, showing the true extent of the Nazi’s persecution of the Jewish community in Amsterdam.


  • Learn about the history of Amsterdam leading up to the Nazi occupation, how it affected the lives of its residents, and the ripple effects it’s had on the city to this day.
  • The Auschwitz Memorial: An artistic piece made up of broken mirrors that commemorates the victims of the concentration camp, and a damning examination of the horrors they faced.
  • Learn about the Winter Famine. When the Germans set up blockades to stop food and fuel coming from rural communities into Dutch cities like Amsterdam, it resulted in around 22,000 deaths.
  • Visit the Jewish Quarter and the Holocaust Memorial Hollandsche Schouwburg. During the occupation, it was used as a deportation centre that sent Jewish people to concentration camps.
  • The Shadow Wall: a canal wall that faces many Jewish homes. The names of the murdered residents are now written on the wall.

Please note:

  • Children under 13 are welcome.
  • The tour is wheelchair accessible.
  • When you arrive, please bring your passport or ID, and show your pass to the tour instructor to start your tour.

How to get there

  • Departure point: Rembrandt Square.
  • Public transport: Tram 4 and 14.

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Tuesday 10.30
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